Smoking Quitting Stopping Leaving Giving Up Cessation Tips Ideas Tricks Suggestion Consultation Therapy Campaign by Experienced Psychologist Counselor in India

For Quitting, Stopping, Cessation, Leaving or Giving up to Smoking Habit, Many Smokers use or adopt different techniques. In the whole world it has been found that most Smokers want to Quit, Leave, Stop or Give up to Smoking habits. Smoking addicted people are trying/using and adopting many different methods & techniques for quitting, leaving, cessation, stopping or giving up to their smoking habits but are finding it very tough to get rid from smoking habit. Smoking is one such preventable addiction as compared to other addiction which is cause for most number of deaths in World.



We The Mind Research Foundation started very effective initiative for stopping, quitting or giving up Smoking Addiction by Quit Smoking Challenge Campaign for keeping healthier and living long life of people. Detail of Quit Smoking Challenge Campaign is mentioned below.




Challenge yourself for a Smoke Free 2 Months

The Quit Smoking Challenge is a 2 Months Challenge, which allows people to Quit Smoking for a period of 2 months. Any smoker can take this challenge individually or with 1-10 team members. The Team Members may or may not be smokers.
The Goal of the Quit Smoking Challenge is to help people understand their smoking habit and use the support of other participants in their Quitting journey. The challenge completes after the 2 month period, the smokers have an option to keep themselves Smoke free post that time or may start Smoking and take the Challenge again at their wish.



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